Announcing 2019 4th Qtr Condo Statistics

Of course you have probably heard that condo buying prices keep going in one direction – up. 

As you study the statistics of this article you will feel a sense of wonder of how long this can go on.

TREB Releases Q4 2019 Condo Market Statistics

Toronto Real Estate Board President Michael Collins announced that Greater Toronto Area REALTORS® reported 5,367 condominium apartment sales through TREB’s MLS® System in the fourth quarter of 2019. This result was up by 3.8 per cent compared to the fourth quarter of 2018. Source: © Toronto Regional Real Estate Board

STOP and realize that you have never ever seen prices rise so fast for so long and so high like this before anywhere in the history of Canadian real estate. Obviously, you have to wonder how long an owner’s net worth will increase at the expense of a buyer’s debt.

Announcing 3rd Quarter Condo Statistics

By the time you finish reading this document, you’ll will have probably learned more than your neighbour about the latest changes in the marketplace.

As you pay close attention to this article, imagine all the owners and realtors smiling.

TREB Releases Q3 2019 Condo Market Statistics

Toronto Real Estate Board President Michael Collins announced that Greater Toronto Area REALTORS® reported 6,407 condominium apartment sales through TREB’s MLS® System in the third quarter of 2019. This result was up by 11.1 per cent compared to Q3 2018. Source: © Toronto Real Estate Board

By knowing this information, do you remember a time when prices were not increasing faster than the official inflation rate? My memory fails me.

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Condo boards often brought into disputes between neighbours

A legal battle between a celebrity and his Manhattan neighbour may be a rather extreme example of a fairly common condominium dispute, says Toronto condominium lawyer Luis Hernandez. Source: Staff

How to Deal with Police Requests and Activity in Condominiums

Condominium corporations have a responsibility to protect the privacy of their residents and unit owners. They also have an obligation to prevent danger and to keep people and property reasonably safe pursuant to the Condominium Act, 1998 and the Occupiers’ Liability Act, 1990. At times, these two duties can be in conflict. This conflict is never more acute than when police become involved with a condominium corporation. Source: Mario D. Deo, © 2015 Fine & Deo

Short-Term Rental By-law: LPAT Hearing Update

In late 2017, the City of Toronto (the “City”) approved recommendations to create a new zoning by-law regulating short-term rentals. The by-law was intended to take effect in June 2018 but was appealed at the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (the “Tribunal”) and has yet to come into force. Source: Jason Rivait,© 2019 Miller Thomson LLP

Ban bully offers, double-ending to improve fairness: Samaroo

Banning bully offers and double-ending by realtors would make the real estate market fairer for consumers, says Toronto real estate lawyer Sarita Samaroo. Source: Staff

Have You Signed A Leaseback Purchase Agreement On A Condo? You Might Owe The CRA Thousands Of Dollars!

Buying a condo unit with the intent to rent it out seems like a wise decision and many condo buyers opt for this. However, if you are among those individuals who signed a leaseback agreement with a company or directly with the builders, then you might now be owing thousands of dollars in taxes, according to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Source: © 2019 Nanda & Associate Lawyers Professional Corporation

10 Things You Should Know: Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment is an issue plaguing nearly every workplace, and that includes condominium corporations. Here are ten things you should know about workplace harassment: Source: Jake Fine, © 2015 Fine & Deo