In the beginning was The Condominium Act, 1998. A social contract for buying into quality housing and carefree living. Pay your money and someone else will do all the work.

Second came The Declaration describing usage of the building and land. Third came The Bylaws and The Rules made up by volunteer owners called Directors telling owners how they are to act in, on and around the building. A task mightier than building championship teams of MLB Toronto Blue Jays, NHL Toronto Maple Leafs and NBA Toronto Raptors all in one year.

Fourth came The Owners who may or may not have, on their own recognizance or on the advice of their real estate agent and/or lawyer, read over the documentation of the Declaration, the Bylaws and the Rules before buying a property not suited to their lifestyle and forgot it all in 48 hours or less. Seems the emotion of buying and owning a piece of a property is like winning the 649 Lottery grand prize.

Fifth came The Property Management Company to look after the physical building and enforce all the laws, regulations and rules with the owners. Some who try to understand and respect what happens and those who do not or will not.

What kind of social contract is this? Is the legal profession a good career choice? If the Gods are not laughing yet, they have no sense of humour.