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Condo Board Elections and Voting: No More Proxy Fraud

The condominium lifestyle grows ever more popular in Ontario: over 11,000 condominium corporations are registered throughout the province, each governed by a board of directors typically comprised of inexperienced owners who step forward as volunteers. Source: Denise Lash, Lash Condo Law

Court Expands Condo Lien Notification Requirements

In a not yet reported case, courts appear to have expanded the notice requirement when liening a condo unit. Failure to properly notify the owner’s spouse may render the lien invalid as against said spouse, even if she neither owns, nor occupies the unit. Source: Rod Escayola, Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP

What If an Owner Doesn’t Have Proper Reasons for Requesting a Record?

The amended Act [Section 13.3 (1) of Regulation 48/01] now says that owners, purchasers and mortgagees (or their duly authorized agents) can now see records provided their request is solely related to that person’s interests as an owner, a purchaser or a mortgagee of a unit, as the case may be, having regard to the purposes of the Act. Source: James Davidson, Davidson Houle Allen LLP

Condo Forms to be Delegated to the CAO?

Are you still struggling with the various condo forms? We keep hearing that some of them are confusing and difficult to complete. Many of these forms also continue to be fillable online only if you use Internet Explorer. Source: Rod Escayola, Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP