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Updated: December 31, 2020

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The ultimate guide to condominium law practices in Ontario. When you want to find the top industry lawyers offering explanations of events.


Welcome to the field of Ontario condominium real estate law practices in my condo home library, the Condorary.

If competence is the enemy of adversity, by all means get some, get some more from condominium lawyers, organize it and use it.

Where can I find a condo lawyer?

Which law firms of lawyers shine brilliantly by open engagement in education of condominium property managers and unit owners through organizations such as the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario – ACMO , the Canadian Condominium Institute – CCI regional chapters in the province and the Community Associations Institute – CAI. Perhaps in other ways committed to assisting current and future clients in solving their problems?

Are there other legal stars in the provincial constellation? Just like a shooting star in the night sky, a few will wink in and out of here at hyper-warp speed while many others remain pinpoints of faint light to find elsewhere. This quarter has added 2 law firms while 1 practice has disappeared from sight.

How to Use the Law Firms Information

What information do condominium lawyers provide to the public?

The fourth quarter consists of 93 post (written & recorded) by 10 law firms alphabetically listed below. Do you have an interest in registering for a live podcast or webinar to ask questions ; listening later for convenience? Visit the websites of the legal professionals who offer them for the date and time of their next scheduled event.

Access to any law practice is formatted as follows: Click on the title of their lead article to arrive at the latest post on their blog or article collection. Click on the law firm name to go to their website. Click on an editorial selected topic of interest by author for the actual post. In the index, an * in front of the law firm name indicates a recent information update. 

* Davidson Houle Allen LLP  – Ottawa, Kingston

Auditor General’s Report on the Ontario Condominium Industry  The Auditor General’s overall criticism is that Ontario is failing to take adequate steps to protect condominium owners and boards. I summarize the criticisms as follows:

Source: James Davidson, © 2017 Davidson Houle Allen LLP

Real estate law firm’s quarter post count – 23, podcast – 2 :

By DHA Team

2020-12-21 Government announces province-wide shutdown and additional restrictions

2020-12-15 25% reduction in CAO fees to continue into 2021-22

2020-11-30 Lawyers, guns and money – with DHA’s Jim Davidson

2020-11-27 Holiday Q&A with DHA!

By Melinda Andrews, B.A., J.D., Associate

2020-10-02 Virtual meeting deadline extended for condominiums!

By James Davidson, B.A., LL.B., ADR, Partner

2020-12-31 A look back at 2020

2020-12-10 Auditor General’s report on the Ontario condominium industry

2020-12-08 How to list candidates in a Notice of Meeting

2020-11-20 Condominium meetings during the pandemic – an update

2020-11-18 Human Rights – sometimes more than one process

2020-11-17 More about chargebacks

2020-11-06 CAO publishes new Condo Guide

2020-10-20 The theory of Reserve Fund planning – a primer

2020-10-15 A little bit of guidance respecting minutes

2020-10-13 An update respecting gymnasiums

2020-10-08 Solicitor – Client privilege – another piece of the puzzle

By Emily Deng, BSc., J.D., Associate

2020-10-09 Return to a “Modified” Stage 2: What does this mean for condo AGMs?

By Mohiminol Khandaker, LL.L.,J.D., LL.M., Associate

2020-12-01 Join Melinda Andrews at Buildings Week!

2020-10-02 Changes to the CAT’s jurisdiction now in effect

By Nicole Robinson, Articling Student

2020-12-31 Tarion and the New Home Construction Regulatory Authority

By Cheryll Wood and Mohiminol Khandaker

2020-11-04 Condos and Gyms… Where Are We Now: Province Introduces New COVID-19 Response Framework and Restrictions

By Cheryll Wood, B.B.A., LL.B., J.D., Associate

2020-10-26 Upcoming amendments to the Condominium Act

Podcast / Video / Webinar

Episode 12 Condo Crunch 2 Common Element Modifications Condopedia

We are back with another Condo Crunch. In this episode, the team talks about common element modifications. Nancy, as usual, acts as chair person.  1. Victoria's comments about common element modifications by condominiums: 1:43 2. Emily provides some examples: 9:37 3. Jessica's comments on common element modifications by owners: 12:06 4. Emily provides some examples: 15:47 5. Nancy's closing comments on changes to common elements: 19:19 These condo crunches are live and are held about a month apart. If you miss them though, you can always catch em here at Condopedia. 
  1. Episode 12 Condo Crunch 2 Common Element Modifications
  2. Episode 11 – Condo Crunch 1 – Condo Board Responsibilities
  3. Episode 10: webinar – answers to questions about upcoming issues in the Ontario condo world

The Davidson Houle Allen Video Library contains podcasts converted to videos.

* Elia Associates Professional Corporation – Oakville, Barrie, Toronto, Ottawa 

COVID-19 Bulletin No. 33: Back to the Future – Ontario Returns to Province Lockdown Effective 12:01am Saturday, December 26th 2020, Ontario entered a province-wide lockdown to minimise the transmission of COVID-19 and to prevent hospitals from becoming overwhelmed. All Public Health Regions were moved into the “Grey Zone” of the five-zone system put in place by the Ontario Government.

Source: © Elia Associates Professional Corporation

Real estate lawyers quarter post count – 8, videos 2 :

By Elia Associates

2020-12-29 COVID-19 Bulletin No. 33: Back to the future – Ontario returns to province lockdown

2020-12-15 COVID-19 Bulletin No. 32: Ontario enforces tougher restrictions on regions

2020-12-01 COVID-19 Bulletin No. 31: Should visitors be restricted?

2020-11-27 COVID-19 Bulletin No. 30: Toronto and Peel region returning to lockdown

2020-11-23 COVID-19 Bulletin No. 29: COVID-19 Restrictions in Ontario

2020-10-13 COVID-19 Bulletin No. 28: Return to a “modified” Stage 2

By Victor Yee B.A., J.D., Associate

2020-12-10 With all due respect to the Auditor General … Democracy is messy, managers should be paid more, levelling the playing field means awarding costs to either side, and the silent majority of condos are doing OK

2020-10-01 New claws for the CAT: pets, vehicles, parking, and storage (a.k.a. why the CAT must award legal costs

Video / Webinar


For webinar enthusiasts, check out the Condowise series of videos.

Fogler, Rubinoff  LLP – Toronto

Condominium Law Update: New SCC Decision Confirms the Duty to Act Honestly in Contracts In C.M. Callow Inc. v Zollinger, 2020 SCC 45, a decision released on December 18, 2020, the Supreme Court of Canada confirmed that parties to a contract must act in good faith and have a duty to act honestly, even when exercising a right of termination in a contract. Misleading a party with whom a party is in a contract with, even if the party is abiding by the strict terms of the contract, can constitute dishonesty and will attract damages for the other party.

Source: © Emily Duncan and Rachel Fielding, Fogler, Rubinoff LLP

Real estate lawyers quarter post count – 1 :

By Emily Duncan and Rachel Fielding, Associates

2020-12-22 Condominium law update: New SCC decision confirms the duty to act honestly in contracts

* Gardiner Miller Arnold LLP – Toronto

No Oppression Claim Against Directors Personally Unless a Director Instigates the Conduct There are limited circumstances where directors of condominium corporations can be personally liable for oppressive conduct under Condominium Act, 1998. In a recent Ontario Superior Court of Justice decision, the declarant (also a unit owner at a vacant land condominium corporation) sued the condominium corporation and the individual directors. 

Source: An Nguyen, © 2020, Gardiner Miller Arnold LLP

Condominium law firm’s quarter post count – 5 :

By Tony Bui, B.A., Associate

2020-12-21 CAT issues first order under Rule 4.5 – Applicant must obtain permission before continuing any proceedings

By Andrea Lusk, B.Sc., LL.B., Associate

2020-12-30 Top 10 condo cases 0f 2020

By An Nguyen, J.D., Associate

2020-12-01 No oppression claim against directors personally unless a director instigates the conduct

By An Nguyen and Tony Bui, Associates

2020-12-12 Electronic meeting recordings and best practices

By Alex Young, B.A., Associate

2020-12-15 Key take-aways from the CAT record request decisions – Part 2


Feature Newsletter – Condo Alert! Winter 2020 –  PDF

Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP – Kitchener-Waterloo, Toronto, Ottawa

Auditor General’s Scathing Report on the Condo Industry in Ontario As part of its annual report, the Auditor General of Ontario issued, yesterday, a scathing report on Ontario’s condo industry and specifically on the lack of industry oversight.  The “Value for Money Audit“ on the condo industry is nearly 80 pages long and is worth a careful read. In this blog we provide a summary of some of the findings and conclusions reached by the Auditor.

Source: Rodrigue Escayola, © 2020 Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP 

Real estate lawyers quarter post count – 19, Videos -2 :

By Rodrigue Escayola, Partner

2020-12-21 Provincewide COVID shutdown and impact on condos

2020-12-16 A condo Christmas carol

2020-12-10 Big changes to “slip and Fall” claims against condos

2020-12-08 Auditor General’s scathing report on the condo industry in Ontario

2020-11-23 What “lockdown” means for Peel and Toronto condos

2020-11-20 Toronto & Peel condos moved to lockdown restrictions

2020-11-20 Holiday webinar: a year in review and condo jeopardy competition! (Dec. 2 at 5pm)

2020-11-17 Confused by colour zones and restrictions? Try our COVID tool

2020-11-13 Condo Gyms & Pools Under Ontario’s New COVID-19 Colour-Coded Restrictions

2020-11-09 Condos under Ontario’s new colour-coded COVID framework

2020-10-31 The battle of Otterlo – a remembrance post

2020-10-27 Next Webinar: Excel at Virtual AGMs (and Covid Update) (Nov. 4 @ 5pm)

2020-10-20 Possible protection for condos who make best efforts to follow COVID regulations

2020-10-15 Condo pools (and libraries) under Ontario’s modified Stage 2

2020-10-13 Must condos close their gyms under Ontario’s modified Stage 2?

2020-10-09 Ontario rolling back to Stage 2: closing gyms and conference centres

2020-10-05 Province regulates face masks and meeting limits in condos

By Graeme Macpherson, Associate

2020-10-01 Ontario extends the period allowing virtual AGMs, electronic notifications and remote board meetings

Video / Webinar

with Rodrique Escayola, December 11
with Rodrique Escayola, October 07

Visit the Gowling WLG Video Library of international content which also contains information about other aspects of law.

Horlick Levitt Di Lella LLP – North York 

COVID-19 & Residential Tenancy Law in Toronto COVID-19 has quickly circled the globe and is causing havoc across the planet. The flu spread through China, Europe and now has hit the United States. Here in Canada, the virus has started to spread in several provinces, and non-essential businesses have begun to shut their doors. Employment insurance applications are in the millions, and hundreds of thousands of Canadians are already facing down rent and bills they might not be able to pay.

Source: Horlick Levitt Di Lella LLP 

Condominium law firm’s quarter post count – 0, Video – 11 :

Video / Webinar

with Bradley Chaplick, December 16
with Brian Horlick, December 09
with Bradley Chaplick, November 25
with Paneet Bhandal, November 19
with Timothy M. Duggan, November 18

The HLD Lawyers Video Library contains case law videos and recorded webinars. Forget Netflix. Participants’ law questions are answered along with other insights.

* Lash Condo Law – Toronto

Condo Lawsuits – New Protocols for Snow and Ice Injuries We previously blogged about insurance companies not wanting to provide coverage to snow and ice removal service providers. We noted that Bill 118 was trying to address some of the underlying concerns. Bill 118 received royal assent on December 8, 2020, but the changes are not exactly what those in the snow removal industry were hoping for. That said, Bill 118 does materially change how lawsuits arising out of snow and ice injuries can be brought.

Source: Joseph Salmon, © 2017 Lash Condo Law 

Condominium law firm’s quarter post count – 13 :

By Denise Lash B.Sc., LL.B., ACCI, FCCI

2020-12-15 Virtual meetings in 2020 lessons learned – what’s new in 2021?

2020-12-01 Adjourned condo meetings

2020-11-27 Condo Webinars: the new normal/new legal issues

2020-11-10 Virtual meetings – the recording

2020-10-30 Condo Webinar – Preparing for the holidays – Covid -19

2020-10-26 Guide to electronic voting and virtual meetings

2020-10-20 Chairing a condo virtual meeting

2020-10-04 Second wave COVID-19 – condo corporation steps

 2020-10-02 Virtual meetings and electronic voting – extended until May 31, 2021

By Josh Milgrom, B.A., J.D.

2020-12-08 Happy holidays from Lash Condo Law

2020-11-23 Toronto and Peel condos – close your gyms and other lockdown requirements

By Joseph Salmon B.A., J.D.

2020-12-28 Condo lawsuits – new protocols for snow and ice injuries

2020-12-22 Honesty is the best legal policy- condo court decision

Miller Thomson LLP  – London, Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, Toronto, Vaughan, Markham

Upcoming changes to the sale of pre-construction residential condominium units  After an expansive audit from the Attorney General of Ontario, the Government of Ontario and the Tarion Warranty Corporation (“Tarion”) have begun implementing a series of procedural and legislative changes, with a view to improving the quality of construction and the confidence of consumers that are buying a new home.

Source: Eric Laxton © Miller Thomson LLP 2020

Real estate lawyers quarter post count – 1 :

By Eric Laxton, B.A., J.D., Associate

2020-12-11 Upcoming changes to the sale of pre-construction residential condominium units

Robson Carpenter LLP – Ayr, Kitchener-Waterloo, Toronto 

The Curse of COVID: Recap of the Top 2020 Stories You might have noticed that Annie Bailey’s post (10 Condo Law Highlights of 2020) had a notable omission: COVID-19. Given the overwhelming number of legal changes, reported cases, and news about COVID-19 in condominiums, we decided to dedicate an entire year-in-review post to COVID-19 in 2020. Here is our list of the top ten legislative changes, reported cases, and resources that your condominium need to be aware of heading into 2021 while we continue to deal with COVID-19 and the pandemic.

Source: Michelle Kelly, © Robson Carpenter LLP

Real estate lawyers quarter post count – 08 :

By Annie Bailey, B.A., J.D., Associate

2020-12-08 10 condo law highlights of 2020

By Michelle Kelly, B.Comm., LL.B., Partner

2020-12-17 The curse of COVID: Recap of the top 2020 stories

2020-11-30 COVID-19: Five new categories

2020-11-18 Solicitor-Client privilege waived by discussing bills with owners

2020-11-06 Upcoming amendments: January 1, 2021

2020-10-22 CCI Grand River chapter’s first virtual conference is coming up!

2020-10-13 Virtual or In-Person meetings during a pandemic: which is best?

2020-10-01 The Condo Authority Tribunal (CAT) hears new matters starting today?

Shibley Righton LLP – Windsor, Hamilton, Toronto

Questions Regarding New November 2020 Lockdowns in Toronto and Peel Region  With Toronto and Peel Region going into ‘lockdown’ for a 28 day period, we have begun to receive questions regarding the impacts of these new restrictions on condominium business.

Source: © Shibley Righton LLP

Real estate lawyers quarter post count – 8:

 By SR Team

2020-11-24 Questions regarding new November 2020 lockdowns in Toronto and Peel region

2020-11-23 Toronto and Peel enter lockdown

2020-11-06 Condominium gyms to reopen

2020-10-23 Province and Toronto disagree on condo gym opening

2020-10-23 Recent court decision

2020-10-19 Back to a modified Stage 2

2020-10-09 Ontario government announces new Covid restrictions

2020-10-02 Breaking news – province extends virtual meetings deadline to May 31, 2021

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