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The home life playing court of building staff, contractors, 3 levels of government, owners, owner landlords and tenants is under the direction of  self-managed corporations or condominium property management and a board of directors. 

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Property Management Bookcase

Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario ( CMRAO )

Did you know that one referee, the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (CMRAO) is the licensing branch that regulates the condominium market with the team from the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO)?

Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario ( ACMO )

Condominium Managers – The Silent Shareholders
In today’s world, criticism, be it constructive or negative, needs to be taken seriously and acted upon swiftly. Within the condominium industry, a condominium manager has very strict guidelines to follow, as well as the personal responsibility to create and strengthen fundamental moral values and principals, which will remain with them throughout their careers.

Source: Afreez Rahemtulla © 2020 ACMO – The Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario .

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condominium managers – the silent shareholders .

Ontario Moving Toronto and Peel Region into Stage 2
The Ontario government is allowing more businesses and services to open and getting more people back to work by moving the City of Toronto and Peel Region into Stage 2 on Wednesday. This decision was made in consultation with the Chief Medical Officer of Health and the local medical officers.

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Ontario moving Toronto and Peel Region into stage 2

CM Magazine (PDF)

Feature PDF –   CM Magazine Summer 2020 Issue The RCM designation is a way for condominium managers to set themselves apart from a General Licensee, and has become recognized as a marker of a serious, well-prepared and dedicated professional.  Source: © 2020 ACMO – The Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario.


Dribble the ball into the  ACMO Video Library  containing 8 posts of which 6 are a construction oriented  education series. 

Education for Property Managers

Behind the bench the following colleges have programs with the four exams needed by ACMO – The Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario for licensing of condominium managers.   Centennial College – Part Time Learning  <>   Conestoga College – Continuing Education   <>  George Brown College – Continuing Education  <>   Humber College – Condominium Management  <>   Humber College – Property Management  <>   Mohawk College – Continuing Education  <>   Seneca College – Part-Time Studies  <> Sheridan College – Continuing and Professional Studies   <>  Sir Sandford Fleming College – Continuing Education

The above may not be a comprehensive list of sources or a link may change. Use OntarioLearn below to find the most up-to-date information and other industry related courses.


It’s the most impressive collection of shared online college courses in North America, right at your fingertips.  All 24 of Ontario’s publicly-funded colleges are working together in OntarioLearn to offer you easy access to a wide variety of high-quality courses, programs and services online. Search our inventory to find your online course or program at a preferred start date, register with one of our member colleges that offers it, and log in to our Portal for one-stop access to your learning.

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Jobs for Condominium Managers

Property Management Jobs in Ontario  at the time of writing supplies the job seeker with a list of 491 positions with job descriptions and sometimes salary. For condo owners and students who want more knowledge of what property management is about, reading want ads may wrinkle the eyebrows.

Owner and Tenant Bookcase

Tarion New Home Warranty Program

An essential business of great interest for both potential condo owners and condominium managers is the Tarion new home warranty program and  registry of all new home builders  in Ontario.

How to Maintain a Healthy Home
Protecting our health has never been more important. While health experts encourage frequent hand washing and coughing and sneezing into our sleeves to combat the spread of germs, many forget that maintenance within your home can also help keep you and your loved ones healthy.

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how to maintain a healthy home .

Dribble out of the paint and into the Tarion Warranty Corporation Video Library for 100 posts of helpful information resources for owners in both old and new buildings.

Canadian Condominium Institute ( CCI )

Condo owners across the province have access to one organization which provides networking for individuals and corporations to help build a sense of community, solve problems, advanced director training, contractor introductions and information about condo issues of the day by participating legal experts. The Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI) has 17 chapters nationally with 8 being in Ontario. The Toronto chapter is the most active.

Legislative Newsflash – EWRB Extended Deadline & Changes to the Employment Standards Act
The Ministry of Energy is aware that the outbreak of COVID-19 may have a significant impact on large building owners’ ability to satisfy the July 1, 2020 reporting deadline. Due to the challenges created as a direct consequence of COVID-19, the Ministry will accept the submission of the 2020 reporting year data from large building owners until October 1, 2020.

Source: © 2020 CCI National.

Summary: 2nd quarter news post count – 14:
EWRB extended deadline & changes to the Employment Standards Act <> consumer protection – home warranties <> a day in the life of a property manager

Condovoice Magazine (PDF)

Feature PDF – Condovoice Summer 2020 Issue Source: © 2020 CCI Toronto

Podcast and Video

Feature Private Podcast – Property Management Issues (8:29)

Dribble into the CCI National Podcast Library  with podcasts going back to July 2015.

Source: © 2020 CCI Toronto

Feature Private Video – Electronic Meeting and Voting Bylaws – What You Need to Know  (1:13:20) Source: Huronia Chapter © 2020 CCI National 

The CCI National Video Library  and  CCI Toronto Video Library are open for visitor scrimmage play 24/7. 

Owner / Director Training

Condominium Authority of Ontario
The CAO Director Training Program is provided online and free-of charge, and is also available to condominium owners, residents, managers and the broader condominium community. Feedback on the training has been very positive, with an average of 88% of survey respondents reporting very high satisfaction and over 95% would recommend the training. The CAO’s Director Training Program consists of 21 short e-modules covering important topics that are relevant to condo board directors.  The online modules are short, easy to follow, and include knowledge checks that provide multiple opportunities to answer correctly before moving on to new content. There is no pass/fail exam.

Source: © The Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO)

Condominium Law Courses

The courses below may be the first of four exams required by ACMO – The Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario for licensing of condominium managers. Although a board director is not required to take a course of this type, it is an optional upgrade for any condo owner.    Centennial College – Part Time Learning  <>   Conestoga College – Continuing Education       <>  Confederation College  <>   Fanshawe College  <>  George Brown College – Continuing Education   <>  Georgian College – Continuing Education  <>   Niagara College Canada – Part-Time Studies   <>   Sheridan College – Continuing and Professional Studies  <>   Sir Sandford Fleming College – Continuing Education


On July 13, 2020 the crew chief, the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services , proposed a Condo Guide to come into effect for December 1, 2020. The public is asked to provide input to this proposal by August 14, 2020. Interested persons can  visit the Regulatory Registery  for all the information and reply.

Becoming effective September 1, 2020, a second referee, the Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO) will host the Notice of Future Funding of the Reserve Fund and Summary of Lease or Renewal forms on it’s website. Details of these forms are found as items 18 and 19 on the delegated  Condominium Forms  list.

Effective October 1, 2020, amendments to Ontario Regulation 179/17 under the Condominium Act, 1998, will take effect to expand the jurisdiction of the Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT) to handle more types of disputes through its online dispute resolution system.

The additional types of disputes that the CAT will be able to resolve include certain disputes related to provisions of a condominium corporation’s declaration, by-laws or rules that:

 – prohibit, restrict or otherwise govern pets or other animals, parking, vehicles or storage, in a unit, the common elements or the assets, if any, of the corporation.

 – govern the indemnification or compensation of the corporation, an owner or a mortgagee in relation to these above-noted disputes.

In addition, two unproclaimed sections of the Condominium Act (sections 132(4.1) and 134(2.4)), will come into effect on October 1, 2020. This will ensure that parties to disputes that are intended to be resolved by the CAT go to the CAT to resolve their disputes, rather than to the courts, or to mediation and arbitration, as applicable.

Copyright © 2019 Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, All rights reserved.

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