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Condo managers and property management companies

Condo property management

Property management companies

Property management companies are hired by the Boards of condominium corporations as an agent of the Board, to assist with fulfilling its responsibilities to manage the building and ensure the condo tenants’ needs are met. The property management company will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the condominium corporation, which include: Source: Legal Line, a Federal Not-For-Profit Corporation

What did you get yourself into? Top ten tips for new directors

I’m often asked to give advice to new directors, especially first time directors. It is a difficult question to answer because the advice depends on a number of factors, such as the experience level of the director, whether or not the condominium has a manager, and the age of the condominium. In hopes of reducing the anxiety of a few new directors, here are my top ten suggestions to newly elected directors: Source: Michelle Kelly, Robson Carpenter LLP

Condo Liens: What is the Required Minimum Notice?

In a recent Ottawa case, the courts clarified how condo corporations are to calculate the minimum 10-day notice requirement prior to being able to register a lien on a defaulting unit. This post sheds some light on this tricky requirement. Source: Rod Escayola, Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP

Condo corporations can access units without owner approval

Owners cannot prevent condominium corporation representatives from entering their units if they are fulfilling the corporation’s duties under the Condominium Act and if reasonable advance notice has been given, says Toronto condominium lawyer Armand Conant. Source: Paul Russell, Contributor

Smoking in Condos: Denise Lash’s Article in The Lawyer’s Daily

As more and more people choose to live the condo lifestyle and developers continue to build larger high density condominium projects, condo boards, managers and lawyers are now faced with some unique challenges. Source: Denise Lash, Lash Condo Law

Limiting occupiers’ liability notice to impact accident victims

Proposed legislation that will require individuals to bring claims within 10 days for injuries sustained on private property as a result of negligent snow or ice removal has the potential to bar innocent accident victims from recovering for their losses, says London personal injury lawyer Maia Bent. Source: Staff