When Are My Condo “Rights” Wrong?

Depends on how one handles their responsibilities in the condo Corporation and regarding society as a whole.

Living in a condo is not the same as renting an apartment or owning a house. With an apartment, there are rules to follow in the building but are less than a condominium which implies more freedom to do as one pleases. With a private residence one can do whatever one can get away with. In a condo Corporation there is a novel concept of sharing and responsibility which most people need to adjust to.

When Frank Sinatra crooned “I Did It My Way” was the condominium concept around at that time? It was when Baha Men frolicked with “Who Let The Dogs Out” and rapper Drake sang “God’s Plan”.

So what are your Rights in a condo? Click on this link.

What are your Rights in society? Click on this link

Sources: Condo Authority of Ontario CAO, Ontario Human Rights Commission