This Condo Board Is No Good!

Mumble. Grumble. Foul language. They should “etcetera … etcetera …” ad infinitum. Have heard this for years around our condo complex. What those who are expressing this sentiment have in common is they do not know what a Board Director is supposed to do. Nor do they take the time to find out.

Maybe that attitude will change for the better now that Directors are required after November 1, 2017 to take mandatory training or else be removed from the Board of their condominium corporation by the government.

A plus is that condo owners can also take the training to understand what is expected of a Board Director before unwisely complaining or to run for election to make their Board better than ever. 

Imagine using the governance knowledge of the Board as a launching pad to grow a career in politics as school trustee, city councillor, mayor, Member of Provincial Parliament, Premier, Member of Parliament or Prime Minister. Click on this link.

Source: Condominium Authority of Ontario CAO.