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Last Update: November 26, 2020

Ontario condominium culture documents change to condo governance, the lawyers’ conversation, communal life and real estate data by parroting information as discovered in a rolling quarterly format.

In the beginning was The Condominium Act, 1998. A social contract for buying into quality housing and carefree living. Pay your money and someone else will do all the work is one way to daydream about it.

Life is Good, 2017

But wait a minute.

Secondly came The Declaration describing usage of the building and land. Over time, may need to be changed. Example: electric vehicle charging stations.

Third came The Bylaws and The Rules made up with the skill of volunteer owners labelled Directors telling owners how they are to act in, on and around the building and land. A task mightier than building championship teams of MLB Toronto Blue Jays, NHL Toronto Maple Leafs and NBA Toronto Raptors all in one year. Are their initial thoughts set in stone? Probably not after a generation or two of owner economic, immigration and nationality changes in the building. Another level of governance linked into the chain of Federal, Provincial and Municipal command now paid for by the owners . Volunteers require direction? By whom?

Fourth came The Owners who may or may not have, on their own recognizance or on the advice of their real estate agent and/or lawyer, read over the documentation of the Declaration, the Bylaws, the owner agreed Rules and the corporation Status Certificate before buying a property which may not be suited to their expected lifestyle or rental investment goals and forgot it all in 48 hours or less. Complicated stuff … buy the unit first and cope with the rest later (no problem?).
A few are pointedly shocked or outraged just a few days prior to closing a deal that they cannot do or have what they want. Bad news for sellers and real estate agents with inaccurate listings.
Can you imagine the differing attitudes and behaviour of owners because they are the boss, right? “I own this place!”. “Possession is 9 tenths of the law!.” Seems the emotion of buying and owning a piece of residential hi-rise / low-rise apartment housing or a townhouse complex is like the excitement of winning the multi-million dollar 649 Lottery grand prize. Until the reality of their actions and situation comes for a visit … an owner may think about becoming a volunteer Director on the corporation Board but probably not. Both owners and buyers of old and new projects require advice? By whom?

Finally comes The Property Management Company to look after the workings of the physical building, land and legislated paperwork; enforce all the federal, provincial and municipal laws, condominium regulations and owner made rules with the owners and tenants. The condo cop?
Picture yourself as a property manager with 50 or more owner bosses telling you enthusiastically; with certainty, how to run the corporation better to suit themselves and others yet can’t agree civilly with their next door neighbour on whether or not to wear a mask in the current pandemic.
How about the absentee owner landlord who neglects to mention or enforce the corporation regulations and rules to follow with the renter whom he/she is responsible for financially at a minimum.
What about dealing with board members who have opinions about anything and everything yet do not do lift a finger to solve a problem or improve the quality of life in their community. In fairy tale fashion, the member may be elected forever and ever when owners are indifferent. To the benefit of whom?
With your response ability what would you do? Laugh, cry or — ?
Some residents try to understand and respect what their unique condominium culture is while others do not or will not. Some can not because of mental disease. Property managers require guidance? By whom?

What kind of social contract is this? Is the legal profession a good career choice? If the ancient Gods are not laughing yet, they have no sense of humour.

Over thousands of years of civilization it is self-evident that all human experience takes place inside the body not outside the body of a person. Think the 5 senses.
People only act for self-serving reasons, no matter what they say or you think.
The subconscious message here is that we need to look to others to make decisions for us, that we are not capable. But that is not true, we are capable of getting along and / or surviving no matter the external circumstances.
Another endless psychological soap opera created by politicians and the few those whose emotions overrule their intelligence for owners to pay for?

While appearing to be an ostrich with it’s head buried in the sand, have our owner pants been pulled down for deeper penetration later? Heads up!

Join me on the journey through the wealth of thought and emotion attempting to fashion the development of our intelligence and perception as the condominium game plays on.

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3) Ontario Condominium Real Estate Life – focusing on the art and science of property management and additional owner or tenant information. Updated: November 23, 2020
4) Ontario Condominium Real Estate Data – the science of statistics and analysis of your property’s financial health. Maybe a forecast too. Essential consideration if you want to list your condo for sale or for rent. Updated: November 15, 2020 

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